A Beer Keg Cooler – Perfectly Chilled Draught Beer Every Time

Do you want to impress your friends with the perfectly chilled beer on tap wherever and whenever you throw a party or event? The perfect appliance for this demanding role is a beer keg cooler – a must-have for every party boy or girl. And, if you are planning to own one I have listed below three models to choose from. beer keg Koozie

The Table Top Beer Keg Cooler – Also commonly know as the counter top keg refrigerator is the most affordable and practical yet stylish keg refrigerator. These models usually support mini kegs and can serve up to 5 litres of draft beer. They are portable, small capacity coolers that are just fit for home use, parties, camping and trips. The cheapest on the market is the BeerTender model from Heineken and Krups, and the Avanti Mini Kegerator Dispenser. These models sell from $150 to $300. I highly recommend the BeerTender model from Heineken and Krups.

The Portable Beer Keg Cooler – is the ideal size if you are looking for the perfect fit in between a desk top beer keg cooler and a professional keg refrigerator. One of the best models in the market under this category is the Summit Portable Beer Dispenser. It can take in half a keg and its built-in wheel design allows you to move it around. Its business design also features a stainless steel serving top and an ample space for the serving.

The Professional Beer Keg cooler – is perfect for a bar or cafe, but it would also be great in a home bar, where all the entertaining happens. Buying this baby is no easy feat considering its price that ranges from $500 to $2,000. The best models within this category are manufactured by EdgeStar, Danby, and Summit.



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